Manoir interior

the colony (la colonie)

High school students will stay in the dormitory at the colony.

France Summer Music YXIE is a collaboration between Migratory V and Manoir des Arts YXIE.

Migratory V is constituted to respond to musical needs and opportunities as they arise, organizing musical projects and events around the world. It is run by William Anderson and Joan Forsyth. Its inaugural project was Singin' in the Rain, a series of concerts of vocal music in Vancouver, BC. The focus is on fostering the work of living composers and nurturing promising new avenues in musical composition. Migratory V is supported in part by the Roger Shapiro Fund for New Music.

YXIE - Manoir des Arts is a cultural center located in Villeblevin France. YXIE aims to inspire through art, imagination and encounter. YXIE is a special and inspiring place for overnight stays, performances, theater lessons, lectures, coaching and exhibitions.

The word, "YXIE" comes from a poem by the Dutch artist Lucebert (1924-1994). YXIE wants to create connections between the different art disciplines, theatre, music, visual arts and literature, in the spirit of Lucebert.